We help clients grow.

direct mailDirect mail has a bad rap. Maybe deserved, if it’s poorly designed, improperly targeted and badly executed. Done well—right message, right medium, right audience, right time—direct mail is a growth driver. That’s why so many of our clients look to us for help with their direct mailing campaigns, from soup to nuts: purpose, message, audience, design and layout, medium, and delivery. Response rate is typically about 3%, but we’ve seen as high as 15%. Recently one of our home healthcare clients came to us, looking to grow its number of high net worth patients. We worked closely with our client to develop the mailer message, design, and look and feel. As important, we carefully and thoughtfully identified recipients. Zip codes and home values were only two of our selection criteria. The result? A well-crafted message delivered to a specific, qualified audience that’s supporting the growth and success of our client.